There is absolutely nothing wrong with being flamboyant with feathers

All fun-loving people love it. Most women, even the shyest of creatures love it. Hush now; there are even men who love it. They all love being tickled pink. Some of them come out at night and surprise all in their circle and show them all their extrovert side. Instead of being normal and conservatively polite, they choose to be as flamboyant as they can with their peacock feathers. There is no beating about the bush so you may as well let it hang all out.

But do keep your abs and flabs in good nick and pull your stomach in. They might just look the other way or mockingly guffaw at your expense. But all things being equal, there is nothing wrong with being flamboyant with feathers. Why not try out this costume theme the next time you are invited to a party, even if it is just a dinner party for six. Set the tone for a brand-new happy mood and become the ice breaker of note.

It won’t be a case of ice, baby, but perhaps more the case of folks screaming out for more ice to be added to their cocktails. Well, you get the drift. Cocktails are colorful mixtures that really don’t need to go to anyone’s head. Peacock feathers, or rooster’s feathers even, do, however, go to people’s heads. Heads turn, you see. And that’s the whole point of this fun-filled and mischievous exercise. Practicing your tail-spinning in front of your full-frontal bedroom mirror will turn you into the performer of note.

Come on now guys, no need to be shy. Yes, that’s right, you’re becoming quite good at this. The feathers look fabulous, darling.